Sirion Brakes


I am on my second Sirion, this one being a 1.3 SE auto 07 reg. Had it from new. Had it serviced last march when told it needed new front brake discs. After some discussion they were changed under warranty, car had done 13000miles in the 2 years.
Had it tested last week before last service under warranty and independent tester said that i would need new discs on front next year, AGAIN!
It has only done 3000m this year.
I know low mileage can cause some of these problems but 2 sets of discs in 4 years is a bit much.
Has anyone encountered this problem with theirs or am i just unlucky, even Daihatsu technical were surprised.

Brake discs

Since asbestos was banned from use in brake pads, disc material has changed to softer iron to compensate for the different pad composition, making modern discs very prone to rust.

If you use the car frequently, braking will remove the light rusting each time. If you don't use the car all that often the rust will build up during the periods of inactivity so that it isn't fully removed when you next drive.

It might help if you give the brakes some serious welly when you do use the car and also try not to leave the car with wet brakes, by heating them up by use before parking up.

Your experience is not unusual. The good news is that it's easy to change the discs and that you can purchase pattern discs for less than £50 the pair.

YRV Tony

YRV Tony


any idea of minimum spec for the discs? I need to skimm mine as a pad pad caused damage!

Disc thickness

Says minimum 15mm thickness in YRV manual and I think the discs are the same as the Sirion's.

Pattern discs are quite inexpensive if it comes to replacement.

YRV Tony

Your lucky you don't drive a

Your lucky you don't drive a YRV Turbo. I'm replacing mine after 2 years, but then I don't drive like miss Daisy Wink

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Sirion Brakes

Just signed up for the forum because I saw the comment re the Sirion brakes. I had to have my front brakes and pads replaced at my second service. I'd only done 12,000 miles. The garage said it was caused by the grit put down for the ice and snow scoring the discs. Phoned Diahatsu main dealers and they phoned the garage and agreed with them -so - fair wear and tear!!!!! therefore no luck with the warranty. It cost me nearly £400 to replace these. Is this going to be happening every two years?