Replacement leaf spings for sporty



I need to replace the original single leaf springs for my Sportrak. Where in the best place online to buy, are there any points I need to look out for when doing the job?

Any advice greatfully received...



Sportrack leaf springs

Go to Milners in Derbyshire. They don't do the single spring, (no one does!) but a 3+1 leaf set. You could take one leaf out if it's too hard, but it probably won't be.
A complete spring kit, including bushes, shackles and pins is £48.25 per side,(or was in January 2004)

They also do replacement gas shock absorbers, (non-adjustable) at £30.00 each.

Deliver following day if you order before 16:00. Go for it!

John R

John R

Sporty leaf springs...

Thanks for the advice. I ordered a set from Milners and they arrived yesterday - guess what I'll be doing at the weekend! Smile

I've put the polybushes into the springs - they're tight but a little washing-up liquid made them go in fine (old trick from the bicycle handle bar grip days).

Lurch - I could do with a manual for the torque settings. Ho do I go about buying one from you?



replacing springs

Don`t know what they are but have a look on e-bay i`ve just seen a set for £15.00! may be what you`re looking for?

Sportrack Rear Springs

Foggy, How did you get on changing the rear springs? How is the ride now?

John R