Front bumper (and the back one while we're at it)


Afternoon all

I mullered the front bumper on my F70 (big respect though; I hit the Armco at a respectable pace and it bent a bit but it did its job). I could drive around with a a mullered front bumper as some sort of badge of honour thing, or I could find a one for one replacement at a scrappy or I could.......? Any ideas? The truck's a road warrior at the moment but that may not always be so.


Try an online breakers such

Try an online breakers such as Equicar who show pictures of vehicles in stock for breaking.

If you use the vehicle extensively off road it might be prudent to replace it with a steel off road bumber for more clearance. Dave at Bloodred may make these if you contact him through the site.

I replaced the front bumper

I replaced the front bumper on my F80 with 2 lengthes of scafold tube welded one over the other. Was prety enough when painted for an old girl. Not much to look at on a nice shiney car. Very usfull on an off roader. It worked as a bumper, was welded to chassis at top of rail, and further back than original, so better approch angle. And was also very urfull as a jacking point (highlift) and to tow with / from. Also went through 2 MOT's like it.

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