How do I remove the door trim on my '98 Terios?!!!


I'm having problems with my central locking, and have been told to remove the door trim and examine the actuator/solenoid.

However!! I can't see how to remove the trim - there are no visible bolts/screws to undo.

Anyone got any ideas?!!!

gently does it

Once you've taken the door handle off (2 screws on the non electric windowed models, not sure how many on the electric windowed models)and 1 screw for the door catch.

If you go to one of the corners (i usually go for top, furthest away from the hindges) gently pull the corner back so you can get your fingers behind it. then carefully slide you hand around poping the popers out of the door frame. (this is how i do it, not nessecarily the correct way but it works for me)