Grey Plastic Trim Treatment


Hi All,

I was wondering whether there is some kind of product similar to Black Chrome (by Turtle Wax) which gives back the original grey colour to grey trims instead of black trims.

I have a grey dash on my daihatsu and seems to be discolouring overtime though I treat it regularly with Armorall protectant.

Any knowledge on similar products would be appreciated.



trim colour degredation

Hi all.

I also have this problem, though no longer worry about it, think it is ultra voilet degradation of the plastic. I have tried all manner of cleaners including household cleaners, yet removed the nicotine stains from constant pipe smoking , but I have at least 3 colours of grey trim, (hard plastic),Flash cleaner did a grand job on the softer white lining.

I trick I have not yet tried is the method used to bring back the colour to the black plastic bumper sections. These went really grey, so a contributor to the site suggested heating/sweating them with a gas torch. ( not a gas axe)I used a heat gun and now have nice black bumpers. Wonder if this sweating with a heat gun may work on the hard dash trim !!!!!.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX