Smashed Door Mirror(s) - Help...


Good morning all,

I've just returned from holiday to find that both of the door mirrors on my Daihatsu Materia have been smashed off by mindless vandals.

The left-side is (hopefully) salvageable, but the drivers' side (off-side / right-side) has had the base plate snapped and the wiring damaged.

Does anyone know of any Materias currently being broken, or of any door mirrors available anywhere in the country? Colour is not an issue, as the mirror caps are still in-tact.

For reference, I believe the part number is "87910B1120".

Many thanks in advance for any help or potential leads...

Wing mirror

Sorry to hear of your Materia being damaged, seems all to common nowadays, it would be worth doing some research as a lot of these later Daihatsu's used Toyota wing mirrors as the sirion has Toyota stamped underneath on it's wing mirrors, so worth checking if Toyota wing mirrors fit, just a matter of researching which Toyota, as with my other post about my sirion foglights which i found were the same as the Toyota Rav 4 Generation 2 . 2003 - 2005, Good luck David

Still Searching...

Hey all,

Still on the lookout for these - if anyone has a pair going please let me know!

Many thanks...