First Time Buyer in Canada


The van I'm looking at is here

I've been looking for as much information as possible, but google seems to be steering me wrong.
Is this particularly high mileage? How much more can I expect to get out of the car?
What are some problem areas I should look at?


I think it should be an

I think it should be an "Atrai". I'm guessing it's a 660cc if it's a turbo. If the oil's been changed every 5000 I'm it should be OK for a few more kilometres. Turbo should be smooth when it kicks in, not lumpy. Just check that it's not too smoky, they do tend to breathe quite a bit of oil into the air filter, but I think that's normal. I'm assuming the gearbox is the same as on the cars, if so it's their Achilles heel! Make sure there's no weird noises and, if you get it, check all the oil, especially in the transfer box.
Hope that helps a bit. Good luck.