Engine numbers


I have a 2.8 TD daihatsu engine fitted in my land rover. I want to give it some TLC but I am struggling to identify the engine and therefore which parts to by. It came out of another land rover and the only identifying marks I can find are DL48, This does not fit with any of the engine types I can find online, the only other information I can give is that it is fitted with a timing belt rather than chain, I did manage to change this, but the sale chap and I had to measure it then count the number of teeth to make sure it was right.
Can anyone tell me if all the 2.8 TD engines are the same for things like head gasket sets Unknw

I'm no expert so take what I

I'm no expert so take what I say with a pinch but all the 2.8TDs I've seen with the head-off have been pretty similar, don't think there was ever a chain: either gear cam or belt but I could be wrong on that. What parts do you need? The 2.8 I drove in a Range Rover used the fuel & air filter from the old VM diesel that was in there before. I wouldn't be surprised if the air & fuel on yours were LR rather than Daihatsu. I think I'm right in saying that the head gasket is the same across the 2.8s but different for the 2.5d.

Looking to do a head gasket

Looking to do a head gasket change, get the head skimmed and either lap in or replace the valves and valve stem oil seals, depending on cost and time