Diesel Smoke .... new MOT


Now, some numpty wrote in Saturday's 'Times' newspaper that no visible smoke is to be allowed from a diesel. Dunno which world this guy inhabits.

OK, my 1998 4trak is old, but it still scores around 1 unit on the MOT smoke test (pass level is less than 3 units for turbo or 2.5 units for non-turbo), but as sure as eggs is eggs, if I put it in second gear and run it up to 3000 rpm with my 2 ton trailer on the back, it's guaranteed to smoke somewhat.

I dropped into my MOT man as the test is due in a couple of months, to ask what the powers that be wanted. He himself said that he had asked for clarification, but the pompous arses (who, I guess, have never had hold of a greasy spanner in their life and ride bicycles to work) who come up with these magical edicts have not seen fit to reply to him.

Can anyone add any useful knowledge as to what the snowflakes really want?

You cannot retrospectively

You cannot retrospectively apply legislation to vehicles as it conformed to the requirements of its time which were the Construction and Use Regulations and Type Approval Regulations as well as the European CE requirements which were of their time and not of today.