Plastic sill covers


I have just bought a late Sirion 1.3SL (facelifted version). I want to remove the plastics to do a bit of rust proofing. Can someone tell me how the sill plastic covers are attached? If I remove the visible attachments does they just pull off?

Also - where can I get hold a a workshop manual for it?

This is my second Daihatsu - I also have a Copen 650T which doesn't go out in the winter to protect the bodywork from salt. Some people never learn...


There are screws under the bottom of the sill to take out there are also screws at either end. Then it carefully pulls out of holes with plastic clips in that you can not see until you are taking if off they run along the length of the sill in the middle. Carefull ok. You need to re use the clips. Smile

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