Cuore Service Manual


I've just bought an R plate Cuore which could do with a service but I never got a handbook with it and can't get a workshop or service manual anywhere. Does anyone know where I can get one. Cheers.

Service manual

I have a 98 cuore (i think its s reg). I cant find a handbook anywhere either. Maybe email Lurch - he might be able to help!

Im sure you can do a minor service urslef - sparks, oil and filters without a manual.
The rite spark leads are difficult to find tho!



Cuore Service

Think I'm gonna have to do that. I'm certainly not getting the mileage I was expecting out of it - about 35 mpg for a standard 850!

Did you have any bother getting the service parts and could you tell me the plug gap and any other useful data.


PS I noticed a posting on the Home Page from Lurch - 'YRV Service Manuals Now available' which stated that next up would be the Cuore manual, but that was dated the 11 May last year.


This is what i did in the last service (complete with part codes)

Change Oil (10-40W)
Change Oil filter (ADD 62104)
Change Spark plugs (NGK BPR 6EY-11)
Change spark leads (ADD 60616)
Change air filter (ADD 62214)

Is your car an automatic? THats always a reason for lower milage...




No it is a 5 speed manual and it seems to run great - maybe a tiny bit lumpy when revved out of gear but I thought that would be down to it being a 3 cylinder.

Did you have to go to the dealer for the leads in the end?

What gap did you set the plugs to? Are the jacking points and drain plug pretty obvious? Sorry I'm a bit dense?

In any case thanks for all that, A. Much appreciated.