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having spent my youth (well a bit of it) modifying cars with notably less ground clearance, i am familiar with the basis of a fairly meaty audio install.. however, there doesnt appear to be much interest in this community for such things.. lol.. so i`m open to inspiration... i currently have a sony cdx m8800 (i think) mp3 head unit, and a pair of 6x9`s i found lurking in the wardrobe... but plans are to do a basic door build, put some 10" subs in the rear panels, and a dvd player. has anyone got any pics/inspiration for me?!:lol:

i know the panels will need re-building, i`m hopeing to incorporate some storage by modifying some scrapyard specials to suit the space available. any inspiration is apprechiated Wink

LMAO! i already have it! .


i already have it! ..but if you have the last dolly parton cd i wouldnt mind a copy Wink lol

well spent much of crimbo fibre glassing the rear arches (rot - proofing) then dynamat went on.. then came ply panels with MDF pods to put 2 10" subs into each side Blum 3

..however, 2 10`s is enough, so i`m takin 2 out and putting some 6x9`s in!

componants are going in the door cards when i get chance to build them up.

might even get some pics up if your interested Blum 3


Unfortunately i only have a wee Cuore (would probs fit in the back of your car!) but if a punchy sound system is required dump ur sony head unit! they are generally pants. U wanna start lookin towards the clarion ones - they are much better (they even use clarion on "pimp my ride" on mtv).

Clarion are the original and best! They have dvd monitors and all too.

Speakers and subs - you want to be looking at the JBL GTO series. There are some lovely speakers and subs.
Clarion ones are brilliant too!
Just stay away from sony, vibe etc. Fusion, infinity,kenwood and pioneer ones arent bad.

At the mo i have a clarion head unit (DB348RMP3) and jbl GTO326 door speakers, 2 jbl GTO526 on the parcel shelf. This sounds brilliant and the addition of a jbl bass pro sub and amp box is going in the boot! For a small car - this could blow the socks off most of the boy racers in their Corsa (lowered, alloys and all u can hear goin past is BOOMBOOMBOOM or a sub about to blow cos the dance music is crap!).

If you want quality, go for the clarion and jbl stuff!



pics to: [email protected] plz1

thanks for the advise, however, i`ve got plans for JBL all round speaker wise (upgraded to JL subs/(momo)polk audio when money allows)

Sony head units are crap, i agree.. BUT they offer all the inputs and will play pretty much all MP3`s and other dubious audio files which is useful to me as i`m starting to produce some of my own music on the pooter! Wink

will be looking at an alpine h/u soon, but again, down to £££ is my main man as far as ice, security etc is concerned, work is quality, good advise too.

i will get some pics and post a bit of a wlak thru-guide to work so far when i can get time... watch this space!

any pics and help would be apprechiated, sound proofings a big battle at the mo, as theres more rattles than panels, i`ve opted for rear panels having 1 10" GT4 sub per side, in a pod, next to 6x9`s, as this should be better for the volume in the panel (assumed to be ported due to size/shape) and should give more mid-range "fill" the front door builds are on the horizon, but i`m also looking into screens and dvds.. has anyone used the radio mount in double din mode, as this would make things easier!

usual case, dreams are battling money and time... oh well!

any pics: eval(unescape('%64%6f%63%75%6d%65%6e%74%2e%77%72%69%74%65%28%27%3c%61%20%68%72%65%66%3d%22%6d%61%69%6c%74%6f%3a%66%69%6e%64%74%68%65%67%65%72%62%69%6c%40%68%6f%74%6d%61%69%6c%2e%63%6f%6d%22%3e%66%69%6e%64%74%68%65%67%65%72%62%69%6c%40%68%6f%74%6d%61%69%6c%2e%63%6f%6d%3c%2f%61%3e%27%29%3b')) cheers! Wink

Had some ice on the inside of

Had some ice on the inside of my Fourtrak the other day, scraped most of it off and the rest went soon as she warmed through. Maybe you need to flush the cooling system and heater matrix and refill with fresh antifreeze if you have ice problems ???.


Hi Ja...interesting to read your plans.I,ve had my 95 Independent for about 5 years now,during which time its evolved here and there..the usual stuff..alloy steps,chrome bullbar,chrome wheels etc etc,then more recently a 3" lift,with a bonnet mounted light pod on the way..but also had similar plans for interior,having just picked up a pair of "van" panels from a commercial,to replace the side windows.My thoughts were to have some speakers in the side panels,with dvd screen mounted on the raised part of the roof above the front seats,so that the rear peeps could watch it.I,ve seen a company in Scotland who do a combined CD/DVD player,which fits in the conventional CD player slot..sounds neat..let me know how you get on..would be interested in seeing wot you come up with...Cheers

Daihatsu fourtrak ICE............NICE

hi just read about u fitting ice into ur daihatsu jus thought i`d drop a quick note as i`ve got ice in my daihatsu fourtrak!! as i`am only 18 and all my mates got cars i thought i`d have a jeep n be different!! baiscially the rear panels i recut n coverd myself n fitted 2 6x9 xplod speakers in either side with sum smaller tweeters to the front, made a nice bass box with 2 12" xplod subs 250 watt amp underneath the bench seat and a sony xplod 2002 (cdx-m630) system to back it all up n it sounds real sweet! i made new door cards n recoverd them again in the same material as the rear panels recoverd the head liner n sunroof panel added sum checkerplate to the bottom of the insides doors as like a kickplate ummmmm changed the colour of the dash guages (volts,clock etc) with sum nice high intesnse blue leds, installed 7 inch centurion tft monitor with dvd player tinted windows black sunstrip n thats about it for the moment, but its bein lowerd a inch and having full stainless exhaust made with side exit back boxes cummin out from behind the side steps either side, n a respray.... n thats about it!!! oo sorry lol and sony xplod grahics currently bein made up to cover those inside back white panels!!! i`ll try n get some pictures up on here too show if wanted!!

reply about ice install.

what car have you got?

if its a fourtrak then ill post some ics of my custom install...