2.5 Dg in a landy


Hiya all you wonderful diahatsu drivers!. Rite ive got a landy with a 2.5 Dg in it the problem is the engine is really down on power, I think that the diesel pump needs adjusting but i have know idea how to do it please help!. Cray 2

Re Try this page.

Thats brilliant thanks for the help, I tried to loosen the pump mounting bolts a couple of weeks ago but I was unsure whether this would work all the nuts were solid anyway but I will have another go. Wink . One more thing, there is a small 'ball' joint ontop of the ignition actuator what should this link to???. Thanks again.

How do you stop your engine,

How do you stop your engine, when it's running? Do you just turn off the key, or do you use an mecanical engine cut off lever/plunger of some kind?

I ask becouse the 'ball joint' you mention sounds like it could be the electronic engine actuater. On the F50 (where the engine originates) there is an arm on top of the actuater which moves when you turn the engine on or off. This arm pushes a rod which operates the mecanical fuel pump. There are three positions for this arm. Off, Run & exsess fuel (for starting).

I have seen this bypassed on an F50 that had problems with the actuater. This was by conecting a rod from inside the car streight to the pump.

If it's not that, I can't think of anything els right off.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

Cable actuatard

The engine is stoped by a cable, (like a choke). Ive tried moving the pump and adjusting the fuel but nothing seems to make a differnce to the runing of the engine, the only thing that changes is the smoke goes from black to clear. I think that a strip down is needed as the engine is very good, dare i say it but its better than any landrover engine ive had over the years!, its just that it seems to be down on power, maybe its just how these engines are?.


As someone who has had severa

As someone who has had several landi's and several Daihats, I have to say the only thing the Landi does better than a Daihatsu is to keep it's body. Ali doesn't rust.
As for the 2.5, it has to be said that I've had several, & know others who have had several. No two seem to be alike for performance. They will all pull a house down. They will all do the same top speed. They'll all do the same top speed with a load behind. However some seem to go like the preverbial off a shovel, while others seem to take for ever to get up to speed. And there dosn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for it.
If your going to go to the expence of a rebild, personally I'd just find a cheap 2.8 TERBO to put in it instead. As this is bilt on the same block, it should go straight in where the 2.5 came out. You may have to change the engine mounts, as the 2 engin's sit at diffrant hights, but thats just a bolt on job anyway. Do not bother with a non terbo, as by lengthaning the strock to get the extra 300 cc's they managed to loose all the engins torqu. The terbo more than makes up the short fall though.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

2.5 Diesel Daihatsu in Landrover

Hi, This forum is great for help with your Daihatsu engine fitted to your land rover. I've got a DG engine in a series3 and it's very reliable (and built like a brick thingy house). Mine has a bowden cable connected to the lever actuator and you just pull it to stop the engine. As mentioned this lever has three 'positions' back to the bulkhead for starting (gives a bit more fuel), middle for running and pushed towards the radiator for stopping. The 'start' position helps for cold morning starts (as do good glowplugs and 20 secs warm up time). I have got an original DG engine repair manual if you need any bits copying post a reply with contact and I'll get in touch. Good luck!


I recently bought a diahatsu DG engine that i intended to maranise for a boat on inspection of the engine i found a fault that sounds like it may cause the same problem your describing if you remove the bowl on the back of the injection pump where the vacume pipe goes on to there is a leather diaphram inside it. It controlls the pump when you push the throtle down. it may have a hole in it but be careful when you take the screws out there is a spring in behind it i have not yet found a replacement for it but if i do i will let you know.