Newbie's Fourtrak Questions



I recently bought a 93 Fourtrak Independent - and I am already in love with it!

Up until now, I have not needed a 4x4 but now my activities as an archaeologist mean I need to go across some pretty rough & boggy areas - hence buying the Fourtrak.

Am I right in thinking that a 93 Independent has auto locking hubs and that I don't need to anything except use the 4wd Lo lever or 4wd Hi button to switch to four wheel drive?

Also, I understand that I should not normally use four wheel drive for any distance on roads. Is this true - and, if so, how far is it safe to do so (e.g. in icy conditions) without damaging the hubs etc?

Sorry if these questions are a bit naive, but I guess we all have to start somewhere!


Newbie's Fourtrak Questions

yes your right about only having to use the lever or button to engage hubs, then when you switch back to 2 wheel drive you should reverse a few metres to unlock the hubs, its true you shouldnt use it on the road and always wondered about snow and ice myself, but someone else will probably answer that one for us Unknw
A word of advise though if your likely to go anywhere really boggey you would be wise to invest in a winch, as serious off roaders usually have both diffs welded so dont get stuck as easily, if electric winchs are too expensive you can buy a hand one for about £25 better than being stuck in middle of nowhere. hope this helps regards mark

Thanks for the advice Mark. I

Thanks for the advice Mark. I was reading the handbook last night and it said something about "driving straight ahead in the opposite direction" to disengage the hubs and I wondered if it meant that I had to reverse!

I will think about geting a winch too. At the moment the site that I am working on is only along some very rough (and occasionally steep) farm tracks so I think that I am OK for now.

If anyone can help with the question re 4x4 road driving in bad conditions, I would be very grateful