How much room


just my luck, just as I become interested in a Fourtrak there are non for sale in my area for me to go and sit in.

Why would he want to sit in it you might ask. well I am 6'7" tall and have a vast ammount of trouble fitting in most 4x4's Landrover forget it, designed around the 11 year old daughter of a very small man.

Same with all the pickups etc, just can't fit in them.

So to save me going on a very wild goose chase, what are your impressions on driver leg and head room?


cut your legs off at knees

just measured mine theres about 3ft 5ins between seat and roof depending how much cushion squashes leg room seat fully back i can depress pedals fully at a stretch but am 5'11

head room

41 inches if that any easier what area you from ian

Hi, thanks, I will go and

thanks, I will go and check that out compared to my current car. Not wanting a fourtrack to drive all the time just to lug thr dogs around on shoot days.

My main problem is getting my thighs under the steering wheel. If you can imagine my lower leg is longer than yours so my thighs are higher up when sat with my feet on the floor. Might have to travel and go sit in one tommorow.

Also, are they complex to work on or made for a have a go DIY bloke like me to work on. My current vehicle is a peugeot, if the clutch goes in that it is a mega job.


the engines are very simple n

the engines are very simple never had to work on it much but most things look pretty basic, 4track is abit agricultural, feels like it was built for farm use but seem very sturdy, prefer them to discoveries only other one ive driven is land cruiser, total luxury and massive, different league to 4 track though

Enough room

just tole tyou all know that I sat in a 7 seater R reg Fourtrak today. I have to say, it is not massively spacious but out of the numerous 4x4's I have tried it might well be the most spacious one I have found.

So if any other 6'7" blokes need a 4x4 then have a look at a Fourtrak.


Have you considerd a Korando

Have you considerd a Korando ?, I'm 6 feet tall and with the wheel in it's highest position have bags of room between it and my legs. Around 6 inches head space.

It's an underated vehicle, lots for the money: 2.9litre 5 Cylinder Mercedes engine and gearbox, PAS, Aircon, high and low range electric 4 wheel drive so no need to get out and lock the hubs once you're stuck in the mud ;-). I have a Fourtrak and a Korando, the latter is a much smoother ride, more like a car whereas the 4Trak is more agricultural. Depends a lot on what you are after but from what you've said I reckon you could do worse than the Korando. Mines for sale as I can't keep both, Trak is better for me as it needs to go offroad a lot for shooting and fishing expeditions. You're welcome to come and sit in it and drive it if you'd like to try it out. It's R reg, 83,000 miles and I'm only looking for around £3,800, try finding a Trak that age for the money and you can forget most of the more common makes like the Rovers and Jeeps. Range rovers have a crap reliability and spare parts price reputation so it's a bit of a wicked old world out there. Good luck with your search, if you want to get in touch give me a bell on 07798 525482

Hi, yes I have considered

yes I have considered the Musso and the Korando. However they have you between a rock and a hard place for the parts.

My nearest dealer is miles away so if anything goes wrong you are up the proverbial creak.

Like you I just want min for shoot days, my other car is a people carrier which looks decidedly out of place covered in mud Smile


But if they are greatly relia

But if they are greatly reliable spares availability is not much of an issue is it UnknwWink

I'm driving the Korando quite a bit at the moment, A roads and motorways and I have to say it's a really smooth ride. Very quiet inside... have to be careful here or I'll end up talking myself into keeping it.

Good fuel consumption compared with the Trak and better service intervals, chucking 6.1 litres of oil away every 3,000 miles on the Trak seems a bit excessive to me but that's what they recommend for ordinary driving conditions.

They're a doddle to work on.

OK, they're big and chunky, so some bits are a mite heavier than those on a car .... like the transmission weighs 100Kg or so, but if you have the right tools for the job, everything is fairly easy to get at.

A mate spent 3 days doing the cam belt on his peugeot .... most of that was spent making up special tools to get at difficult bolts. Possibly it would have been easier to take the engine out. Not so on a 4trak .... some of the guys here can do cam belts without even taking the radiator out.