Bit of service work


Just changed the oil and filter in the Foutrak for first time, not a bad job but filter could be easier to get at. Anyone know the Daihatsu part Number for a 2.8TD engine oil filter ?.

Thought I'd change the water as well, it looked a bit rusty, probably lack of corrosion inhibitor when it was last done. Took off the header tank and thoroughly washed it out before re fitting. Drained rad, took out thermostat and put stat housing back on. With a powerful garden hose running into the filler cap orifice I ran the engine up so water was circulating and held the hose in the rad. This has the effect of replacing the water that's draining from the bottom of the rad and getting clean water right round the system. Ran about four big buckets of water through and dumped them down the drain, if you get it on your tarmac or concrete drive it can cause bad rusty stains.

When the water ran clear I let it drain right through before refitting the rad drain plug and refilling the system. I use water from the dehumidifier that runs in my garage to keep my bikes from corroding, as it is free from lime, which is very bad in the tap water here. Mixed in a 25% glycol based antifreeze/inhibitor to hopefully protect from further corrosion. Always going to get a bit of that with an iron block motor I guess but it was amazing how much silty stuff came out with a good flush.

Found a few other jobs I need to do, will need to replace some bushes in the steering system, probably save those until it warms up a bit. Have new discs and pads spare for the front, if the original discs are well within tolerance I will stick them on the lathe and give them a skim, could do someone a good turn for a tenner.