f50 tyres


i have f50 with L or H 78 - 15 tyres ,need a new set,what is the equivalent `normal` size? and what are the best other sizes? do later fourtrak rims fit? cheers john

Re: tyres

I put 215/15 on mine, they are pretty much the same size. They did rub a little on the springs, but only on full lock and only when the springs where compressed and only because they were so knobly! You can adjust the lock easily anyway. The later wheels do fit and suzuki SJ wheels too.

If you use off set rims the'l

If you use off set rims the'll take a 31/10.50-15 with no bother. Or on a sixteen inch rim, you could go up to a 750 with room to spaire. But 215/15 is definatly the sensible option.

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