Fourtrak Diesel Core Plugs


Does anyone know if there are core plugs in the head of a 1988 2.8 diesel fourtrak?

Mine has started leaking water from what looks like a small hole for a core plug just below and a bit to the left of one of the middle lower studs for the exhaust manifold on the head. Hard to see exactly cos the turbo assembly is a bit in the way

Water is not leaking to the engine internally, the oil is OK. Couldn't find any reference to core plugs in the manual I have.

So before I dismantle it and turn it into a non there a core plug or am I in trouble and has the head cracked?

Many Thanks, Dave

Dave I am pretty certain the

I am pretty certain there are. About 1cm in diametre. 4 of them, just above the level of the head/block mating surface.

The manual you have. Is it a Daihatsu one? If so, look for page EM-15 in Engine Maintenance. This shows the head exploded, and while it doesnt show the plugs, it shows the holes.

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Not so certain

Yep, those are the holes, and I have the picture you refer to.

Unfortunately, after much struggle removing the manifold and turbo assembly, and poking a screwdriver down the hole, it felt suspiciously like a head stud, not a core plug blocking the hole.

I took the rocker cover off and removed the head bolt and loads of water poured out. So, unless someone can come up with a better idea, I reckon I will have to tap the hole to 16mm or so and screw a plug in. Anyone got any better ideas?

Thanks, Dave