Tuk Tuk daihatsu motor


Please can anyone help identify the motor used in the Tuk Tuk three wheelers seen in indonesia / south pacific. I would like to know so I can request an engine manual. I posted an image of what it looks like under the hood "Tuk Tuk daihatsu motor" Thanks !

Tuk Tuk motor

Hiya, i think the engine is the same as is found in the Midget II which is the 660cc cylinder unit. Not sure on engine coding but might be able to find out for you if you really need it?

Tuk Tuk motor

Thanks for replying. Yes please, I'm doing a favour for someone who has bought two Tuk Tuk's( not running ) in the kingdom of Tonga, south pacific - thousands of miles from anywhere, so english language manuals are just the start. I'll search around for info the midget II engine, Is this something that would ever have been marketed in the USA, ( I am rather new to Daihatsu's ) Thanks again

John Warwick

Tuk Tuk

Hi Manxmanin, here is what is written on the vehicles' data plates:

Three Wheelers Autorickshaw Reconditioned Diahatsu
Engine Motorised Three Wheelers
Motorised Three Wheelers TT550ESD
Engine # AB 117587 Chasis #Ptm 0019/99
Engine #AB 430221 Chasis # Ptm 0020/98

Can the type(s) of motor be identified from these serials Unknw


John Warwick