Does anyone know where to find a source for different bearing measurements? It is starting to get annoying trying to find out size for different bearings before starting to change them. My -89 rocky (F70) is in everyday use so it would help to have all needed parts before starting the repairs. Finland doesn't have anyone importing the vehicle. And trying to get them from Japan is allmost impossible. thank You for the effort Wink

We have a company in Australi

We have a company in Australia called CBC Bearings. They have a book which lists every bearing used in every vehicle commonly in use here over the last 40 or so years. Makes it really easy.
Any good bearing place should be able to find this info out for you.
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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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The problem is that daihatsu

The problem is that daihatsu wasn't too popular here so their catalogues won't know the car Sad I called former importer and they didn't know or wouldn't tell. i've started to take measurements out of all the parts that I change so i'll know next time. now i have front diff bearings coming from the daihatsu factory and it takes time! and it would cost only 1/4 if i could find them locally Wink

cbc bearings!!

Exellent company, I send a e-mail explaining my problem and got the help I needed. Two Thumbs UP!