I'm sure you'll know where........


........I can find a Cylinder Head Gasket for my 1979 F50. How much do you rekon one will cost Unknw Thanks guys....


Click on 'Parts Delaers' at t

Click on 'Parts Delaers' at the top of this page for a list of multiple sources of new and used parts.

Recommend http://www.daihatsu.co.uk/ for genuine Daihatsu parts, but they need to be purchased through your local dealer. There is a dealer locator on that page.

From Milner Offroad, a head g

From Milner Offroad, a head gasket lists for £18.00, and the whole head/engine gasket set (including the intake/exhaust manifold gaskets, etc...) lists for £52.00, but that is for 1987-> so give them a call.


I should have studdied the forum better. I've made a couple of calls and with luck I'll get sorted - thanks

Way Hey..

I've solved the problem.......

...with the assistance of Graham Dewhurst in Darwen, Lancashire. A very very helpful chap who responded very quickly and economically. Well reccomended.

Way Hey..