1990 Sportrak EL Questions


While investigating a knocking sound from the left rear when I hit a bump, I discovered someone had inserted a plank of wood behind the left rear interior panel. I don't think this is a safety feature, or required to prevent wiring shorts, but I removed it and fixed my knock! Well, one of them anyway...

I wanted to ask what the 3x3 inch silver box is behind the rear left interior panel. Is that the "ECU"?

Also, is the little box bolted to the firewall next to the coil the ignition "Exciter"?

Also, there is a sticker on the firewall warning of asbestos. What part of a 1990 Sportrak contains asbestos?


For all you DIY maintenance folks...

From www.daihatsu.com/environment/ e_report1999/pdf/p08_15.pdf

"In a voluntary regulation governing the use of asbestos in automobiles, Daihatsu had completely discontinued the use of asbestos for all new models by the end of 1994. This material was formerly employed for clutch discs, gaskets, insulating materials, brake pads, etc."

This is nothing new with cars, but I had never seen a sticker warning about it before.