I am wondering if anybody knows where i can get a hold of a stainless steel exhaust for a daihatsu YRV (non Turbo)? I couldn't get a normal one anywhere and when I went to a dealer they want £320! So i think that it would be cheaper in the long run to buy stainless! Also does anybody know if a YRV exhaust is the same as a Sirion? Thanks Smile


you could try a company called powerflow www.powerflow.com they custom make s/s/exhauses and pipes try thru google to you requirements and they do it through dealers all over the uk


Stainless exhaust

I have the same problem but I got an email from this company today who can make one for you http://www.mijperformance.com/
Daihatsu dealer asked for £393.66 for my 1.3 non turbo and
Kwik fit will do it for under £300.00 in Mild Steel



Kwik fit exhaust

The Kiwk fit exhaust wont last as long you'll be lucky to get 2 years out of there exhaust, you'd be better off getting a powerflow, to last you 25 years or getting the dealer one which will last 6-7 years.
Regards From a Kwik Fit Manager