locking hubs??


Hi guys, Help
This is probably a really stupid question so please dont laugh, i have only just got my sportrack, which i love by the way! How do i tell if i have auto locking hubs. I have a 95 elxi.
Also i have been lucky enough to get a soft top from ebay. I havent recieved it yet but from the pictures it is green with a black 'A' bar. The advert said it just needed the brackets, any ideas where i can get these from. Any help will be much appreciated.

A 95 ELXi will have auto lock

A 95 ELXi will have auto lock hubs as standard. Manual hubs never seemed to crop up on Sportraks.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Manual locking hubs have a ro

Manual locking hubs have a round dial with a flat bit across the middle to get your fingers on and turn.

They are marked "lock" and "Free".

Locking hubs

I've got manual hubs on my 95 Sportrak EXi.

Its easy to tell if there manual, because you can quite clearly see the middle bit can be turned to 'lock' or 'free'! And if you can't see anything like that then they're auto locking hubs!!