Engine Management Light on


By mistake I put some E10 in my 2004 Extol Van. I realised half way through refuelling and paid about £23 for the fuel. I then topped up with E5, £26, and thought that was that. I drove home with no problem from the garage. On starting the car on the next day up came the Management light.

I added some more E5 but the light remained on. I disconnected the battery for about 2 minutes and then reconnected it and restarted the engine and surprise surprise no illuminated Engine Management light . I was well pleased and drove the car for an hour to Fraserburgh where I parked. Sadly on restarting the Managment light illuminated and stayed on until I got home.

I added some more E 5 and some Redex fuel system cleaning fluid hoping that this might clear the system of any corrosion caused by E10. I restarted but the light remained on. I disconnected the battery again this time overnight and the next day reconnected and the light didn't come on. I then drove some 40 miles and the light remained off. I parked the Van assuming all was well but on restarting the management light came on and remained on throughout my return journey (26 miles)

This has continued now and I am now down to half a tank of fuel. I am hoping that if I run the tank down to just above empty before filling up totally with E5 this may sort the problem out.

Has anyone else had similar problems after this stupid mistake and I would be grateful for any comments, thank you.