rear inner wheel arch repair panels


hi all,does anyone know of a place where i can get replacement panels for the rear inside wheel arches of my fourtrack..other than main dealers....i also need the front panel where the indicators go...the pane in between the front wings.....any help greatly appreciated im in the north east of the uk.

Repair panels

try your local auto paint stockist (yellow pages) i use a great place here in fife-autopaint based just outside kirkcauldy and can get most if not all panels if you stuck email me i know they do mail order



thanks i'll give it a try....i'll let you know how i get on...


rear inner arch

Hi guys,just thought i'd let you know that my local 'friendly'Daihatsu main dealer wanted £180 + VAT for the repair panel...I politely declined and fabricated my own in a few hours..out of stainless steel more rot...



Tried a few local paint shops..but as in so many cases Daihatsu panels are not available....the only place who do have wings are MILNER OFFROAD...but no front panel..


The rear arches are welded to

The rear arches are welded to the rear body panels...not easy to replace..however you could do a very acceptable repair, as I did, using aluminium mesh and body arches were a mess..rusted right through...but once I had fnished with the mesh and body filler plus hammerite paint you would never have and easy to do.

Rear inner wheel arches

thanks for the suggestion...but i really want to replace my totally rotted arches with these form an integral part of the rear load floor and hence its i intend to keep the vehicle i want it as strong as possible.


I agree that repair or replac

I agree that repair or replacement with metal is the best option..BUT finding anyone who stocks the panels is going to be could try a main dealer but expect to pay a fortune if they do in fact stock them.Its the reason I ended up botching with mesh and filler.

Another suggestion might be to approach a good body shop or auto welder and ask if they might 'fashion' new arches for you.
Its fairly straight forward to remove the inner trim panels which lets you see the rot from the inside.

Whatever you do of luck with it m8