Sirion bodykit/turbo conversion?


Hello I've got a Sirion Rally2, I got quite an ICE install now Smile and done little bits inside to make it nicer, pedals etc... and hopefully will have a window tint in the next few months.
but now I'm trying to source a bodykit, with no luck!:(
Does anyone know where I can find one?
Don't want to have to resort to getting one for another car and having it cut and customised to fit.

Also Considering a turbo conversion, does anyone know of a company who could help me out here?
Presumably coversion to the YRV turbo wouldn't be that hard, but would only mean a little over 130bhp, and I already have 115bhp, which would seem worth the money for only a little rise in power like that. :puzzeled:
Anybody got any thoughts?

Sirion bodykit/turbo conversion

I have not seen any full bodykits for the Sirion, just aero parts.

There was a Sirion rally4 on the autotrader website, at a Daihatsu dealer.
It had a carbon bonet, with vent, carbon grill and front lip spoiler. So these maybe available from a UK Daihatsu dealer.

The Sirion is called the Storia in Japan.

Searching for bodykits for the Storia may show more results on the web.

Some of the aero parts can be found here:

The ultimate turbo converstion for the Sirion would be to source and engine swap a Storia X4 engine .
The 4 wheel drive Storia X4 has 713cc turbo engine, I think its 120bhp standard but Daihatsu tuning companies, such as Daihatsu Racing Services (D.R.S.) or D-SPORT both offer tuning parts to take it to around 200bhp.
I don't know how easy it would be to scource one in the UK, maybe join a Storia forum and see if any members could help.



DSport is the only place to get Sirion body parts, they have
carbon fibre, bonnet, spoiler, side skirts, grill, and other bits.

The turbo conversion of the YRV was done on the 86bhp KJet engine
which pumped power up to 140ps (138bhp) so if you added the turbo
parts you could see that additional power gain of 50bhp +
so You would have a 160bhp car.

It is a low pressure turbo conversion.

I am currently compiling a parts list to do this, the KCJET2 engine
runs a compression ratio of about 8.5 so you would need the pistons
as well (to get higher boost).

The DRS parts for the X4 are impossible to get from DRS they are
very secretive. The most you could get is 165ps the 200ps conversion
uses a special big valve head which they won't supply anymore.

There are a few X4's in the UK, but your best bet is to import a
2004 one from Japan for about £8K. The UK ones were all 1998.

The Daihatsu engine is also used in the Toyota Yaris and HKS do
a turbo kit for that and a supercharger kit, however they are simple
lower power pressure versions without an intercooler.

Best bet is to source all the YRV components and upgrade.



i have heard a number of peop

i have heard a number of people mention performance upgrades for the sirion 1300 vvt engine coded a K3-VE but nothing substantial yet. can anyone help is this the same car as the storia X4?

storia K3-VET

you can upgrade to k3-vet (YRV) turbo engine that performance is better than X4 JC-DET.


Thats not actually quite right.

The X4 has 120ps from the factory - though it did have 140ps from the factory - before the authorities made them turn the boost down for a such a small car.

140ps is more than 130ps, it is simple to re-adjust there is an adjustable wastegate valve I ran mine at 20psi for many years without problem and this got me 130bhp+

Even if you run at standard boost, a K3turbo engine may be more pokey but it is heavier and as standard the X4 comes with clutch LSD's front and rear, uprated suspension and is 20kg lighter than standard plus it comes with a close ratio gearbox so that acceleration is fast.

As standard at 120ps setting it hits 60 in 6.6 seconds.

Don't think you are going to match that either in a straight line or on the corners with just a k3 turbo engine dropped in.

However, it would be easier to raise the power on the k3turbo.

To get the X4 to 195ps required many expensive parts.

It all depends whether you want a hotted up Sirion, faster but handles and brakes just as bad.

Or if you want a fully polished off sports car.


With regards to power ups on the Sirion.

Please note that the yaris has the same engine and runs a large

So you could up the capacity through using the yaris pistons to 1500cc. You net you around 20bhp I believe (opinion)

Luckly the latest Daihatsu engine from Japan is also a 1.5, but Daihatsu have gone a different way about it, they have stroked the engine to 1.5.

So you stoke your engine to 1.5 (around 20bhp again) or you could overbore it.

Or.... you could do both and end up with 1.7 engine - (nice!)

My power gains are estimated on the power gain made already - ie the yaris 1.3 was 85 - the yaris 1.5 was 105. and the Diahatsu 1.5 is 105 also. So that was a gain of 20bhp.

With a lightweight flywheel, ported head, 1.7 should be quite pokey.

Add to that you could turbo charge it on top!

The turbo charging was worth 45bhp to the standard engine even though compression was down to 8-1 So turbo charging could add on another 50 to 100bhp easily enough depending on the turbo, boost levels and wallet size.

I'm confused now

I know this is an old post, but having just bought a 2002 Rally4 with 18000 miles I'd like to get an idea of what direction to go in improving the cars performance.

1st impressions of the engine are that although it will rev like a maniac there is no real punch unless rolling along at 20mph, what I like is to improve the pick up of the engine and have a bit more push for over taking and exiting corners.

One thing I have noticed is on lift of the clutch after shifting up there is a laggy feel for a second or so almost as if the clutch hasnt released fully... is this normal with a car thats revving hard or is there a problem here?

Well any suggestions on where I should start with this car would be great, bearign in mind that I dont want to have to start swapping engines but would long term consider super charging or maybe a turbo fit.

Hi you could try a more free

you could try a more free flowing air filter with a cold air feed, a performance chip if available. These might improve pick up.

I have been considering the Rally 4, what is it like cornering as this is where my YRV Turbo lets down?


I havent giving it that much of a work out handling wise yet, the roads around me are really muddy and a bit icey alot of the day too at the momment. The cars sitting on 185/55 toyo proxio tyres which im not sure if are up to wet stuff, my other car (seat Altea tdi sport)is fitted with snow and ice tyres and is better than alot of offroaders for grip in slippy conditions.

The body control seems good though and damping is good on hard compresion bumps.

Rally 2/4 Performance - Supercharger mod?

Firstly, let me apologise for a rather rambling post. Those who just want to read about the proposeded supercharger mod should just jump to the last couple of paragraphs now.

With reference to jacking up performance on a Rally 4, I have a similar interest, being the proud owner of a Rally 2. I have been watching this forum on and off for about 9 months looking for anything substantial regarding engine mods. So far no luck.

I've had the car 18 months having bought it from a dealer who used it as a demonstrator. It must have taken some abuse because it had to have a gearbox strip down and a few cogs replaced due to worn and MISSING teeth!. It's still very "whiney" and not having another rally 2 to compare it too I don't know if this is normal or not. 3 year warranty runs out March 06 so if anyone can offer feedback on their own gearbox/engine noise then thanks.

But, back to performance.....

I was dubious about the claimed 0-60 in 7.9 secs (0-62 in 8.2) by Daihatsu so I started to time it with a stopwatch. Not an exacting test I know, but over half a dozen runs it gives you a feel of what it's capable of. The best I ever got was about 9.0 so I was a bit dissappointed. Daihatsu's UK technical department's response was that this wasn't really achievable without a bit of abuse ie. not throttling back when changing gear! I wasn't impressed. A previous service had shown no faults, although the idling is sometimes a bit unstable and a tad rough. So, being a bit of a finger-poker (but not a mechanic), I've started to look at what can be done.

Firstly, an old check that I have done on many a previous company car was to check that the throttle fully opened the throttle mechanism when floored, which it didn't. Not being able to find an adjustment at either end, I bent the accelarator pedal itself making the angle more accute and thereby giving more "pull" on the cable. A simple test that can be made, and I could definately feel a difference so check your own!

Also took out the inch or two play on the clutch by adjusting it at the bell housing end. Much better. Felt really tight and positive so back to the stopwatch!

Best was about 8.5 ish with 3-up and not throttling back when changing gear, so looking better, but still not FAST by any imagination, BUT to put it into perspective, my little baby stayed with a very new Golf GTI last night up to about 60 when I fluffed a gear change (was still in 2nd of course). In fact, it actually had the quicker start and pulled ahead for a few yards and could rev higher. It does seem that your initial clutch control is absolutely critical from a standing start, although I guess you Rally 4 boys don't have this problem so much.

So, next test.... Air intake mods. I figure (maybe wrongly) that the more free flowing and less obstructive the air intake is, the better the engines performance (basic principle?), so I removed the air intake extension that runs over the engine and temporarily flipped open the the air filter unit sort of "free flow" test. The result.......nothing doing. No noticeable difference at all with the exception that it sounded REALLY MEAN when accelerating.

My point here is that I don't see that any "passive" air intake mods like a high performance filter etc will make any noticeable difference. You could argue that during my test it may have been sucking in slightly warmer air, but it was a very cold night too so it probably made no difference all round.

So, a de-cat is an option (although I don't condone such things myself) which I understand should give around a 10% gain in power. I would like to try it, but has anyone tried getting a 2nd-hand downpipe (with cat)? They are £500 plus VAT from Daihatsu new, and it would just be destroyed in the process of modifying it. So, rather an expensive test! Still, I'll try putting a posting on here for one.

So, what to do?

Ok. I went and had a chat with my friendly local garage who I here do all sorts of mad things like putting in 2.5 V8 engine in a Corsa and fitting superchargers to Golf VR6's, and guess what? They reckon they can fit a supercharger to my Sirion (and they didn't fall about laughing either).

Here's the deal... I'm sourcing the supercharger and mounting plates for a few hundred quid. There's a guy selling custom made inlet and outlet manifolds for Eaton M45's on ebay. They are £65 and £20 respectively. (He's doing a great trade he says).The supercharger has just cost me £155 also from ebay and is claimed to have only delivery miles usage. I am taking all the bits to the garage when they arrive next week for a "feasability" inspection and recomendations and I'll post the results on here for the few dedicated Sirion Rally followers who want that extra bit more performance. I'll start a new thread to keep it separate.

I know there's going to be a few pitfalls:-

Firstly, there's very little room in there, although I reckon it may just fit to the left over the power steering pump which will need to have top feeder pipe/hose modified and moved. And then there's the pulley issue and making a suitable mounting bracket for the unit itself. The associated air pipes shouldn't pose too much of a problem as they can be made from readily available parts I understand. I think the biggest problem is going to be getting the fueling right. God knows what the ECU is going to make of it and I think the K3-VE engine is single point injection as well, although a guy on ebay who fitted one of these to his Polo reckons a 2nd injector can be fitted to operate during boost. I must admit at this point that I understand the theory but have no idea where or how the garage is proposing to overcome this, other than limiting the boost to a fairly low setting.

Anyway nothing ventured, nothing gained eh?

Will I have the 1st Supercharged Sirion in the UK??????

03 Rally II - "The Minghy"

It's great to hear so much en

It's great to hear so much enthusiasm about your car!

I really think the Sirion Rally models are under rated.

When you get the supercharger fitted, your going to have a very fast Sirion, hope everything goes smoothly.

Please let us know how you get on.

Any joy with this? Been thin

Any joy with this? Been thinking of charging my Rally4, and would be interested in how you've got on... Smile

Sirion Rally 2 De-cat

Sorry Guys (and Galls), the supercharger is still in the box. A lack of space in the engine compartment and the wrong inlet manifold didn't help either. Had a de-cat though! (purely for testing purposes you understand). It reduced the 0-60mph to about 7.6 secs and also improved the low-end torque some-what. Best of all, it makes on hell of a "raspy" sound from the exhaust when giving it some welly! Oh yes... and the fuel economy increased as well. I am considering an electric supercharger though (A real one that is!). The cost of the unit is a lot, lot less than the fitting of the Eton, and of course, it WILL fit.

03 Rally II - "The Minghy"

yrv in sirion

ur best bet would be to put a yrv turbo engine into the sirion, also i have heard that a manual box from a yaris tsport will bolt directly onto the yrv engine, which would be ideal to maximise power delivery.