Cuore / Mira / L701 series Manual released

Has been a long time since I promised that it would be released, but have finally managed to release the service manual for the later generation of Cuore / Mira (1998 onwards in the UK) out on CD! It is the current usual price of £15 so come and snatch them up while they are still hot!
The L500 series Cuore / Mira manual will be the next one to be released. You can buy the new Cuore manual here.



Perodua Nippa

Lurch, re: my recent enquiry regarding info for the Daihatsu based Nippa. Presumably the proposed L500 Cuore/Mira manual would be of some use to me as it would appear that the majority of the mechanical parts on the Nippa are stamped "Daihatsu".

Any clues as to when the L500

Any clues as to when the L500 manual will be available?

*Cactus ducks out of the way*

But seriously, thanks for making these available.


Thanks for the prompt delivery, Lurch! (Even though the Post Office couldn't read the clearly labelled address and delivered it somewhere else first - heh.)

As you say, it doesn't exactly match a W reg Nippa, so I'm looking forward to the L500 manual now.

Thanks again.

mira L200s

actually i'm looking for daihatsu mira l200s turbo service manual..

I don't have a manual for the

I don't have a manual for the L200 series at the moment so I won't be able to provide this on CD.