new Charade EL - how long before max MPG is reached?+ West Brom service terrible!


I have recently bought a new Charade EL, and it has reached 1500 miles, yet I am still not getting the maximum combined MPG of 58 that was advertised. My current MPG is approx 48 combined. Is this normal? How many miles should it reach before it gets to the maximum MPG of 58 or thereabouts?

Also has anyone else had problems with the customer service at West Bromwich?

Sadly the MPG quoted in broch

Sadly the MPG quoted in brochures are rarely achievable in the real world. Most manufacturers get their figures by driving at a constant speed appropriate to the area. For urban it's usually between 25-27mph, extra urban 40-45mph and for open roads 55mph. Most of the test tracks are flat and with no other traffic, the vehicles don't have to stop/start all the time. Another factor is climate. warm air temperatures with low humidity will improve MPG over cold temperatures or high humidity.

As a rule of thumb, you can usually knock off 10mpg from the quoted figures. You also have to be aware that the figures the manufacturers give are maximim figures in ideal conditions.