rev counter!! does your fourtrak reach the red!!


when accelerating hard my jeep dies b4 reaching the red but feels like it wants to go faster, are they normally sluggish or so so ?? im a taxi driver tx2 it zooms with a wee ford 2.4 turbo. my fourtrack feels so slow in comparison, is it always pedal 2 the metal with fourtraks 2 make it feel alive, or is mine needing a diesel tune? if there is such a thing. cheers allan

If it is a 2,8TD you've got a

If it is a 2,8TD you've got a problem somewhere, mine goes round to the red very quickly. Have you got fuel system blockages somewhere ?, has the diesel filter got water in it Unknw They aren't dragsters but mine is very nippy for a 4X4.

Hi Allan. Sounds like your F

Hi Allan.
Sounds like your Fourtrak needs a new fuel filter. Do you know when it was last serviced?


rev counter!!

i was told by the garage i bought it from 5 weeks ago that it had been serviced( daihatsu dealers) but i think they might be telling porkys..........gonna take it to diagnostic engine tuning specialist asap, hope it can be fixed,