Have YRVs been replaced in the Uk


Dealers do not seem to be offering new YRV's and it does not feature on the Uk website list of vehicles now. has it been replaced by the new Sirion. I don't really care because I am not impressed with the one I have got.

It does look like the YRV has

It does look like the YRV has vanished from being sold in the UK. I personally thought they looked quite funky.
What aren't you impressed with in yours as I thought it actually looked quite well made considering some of newer Daihatsus are very cheap inside.


What I don't like about the YRV reply to Lurch

Engine mamagement light came on Xmas day , handbook says stop driving call dealer, dealer 47 miles away nothing wrong . dealer says if it happens again disconnect battery for 3minutes reconnect should be ok. New clutch required at 20000 miles cost £500 although Diahatshu did pay which was excellent. Brake discs and pads at 29000 miles £316 with non Daihatshu parts £210. Exhaust has just gone, try getting one without paying ridiculous prices, my nearest dealer a long way would mean losing a day to attend there. Very expensive repair and maintenance costs equal to much better quality car.

Have YRVs been replaced in the Uk

yes the new sirion has replaced the yrv and the sirion as they were similar class of car.
i am personally sorry Sad to see the yrv dissappear as it much better built than all of the other cars in its class (trust me as i have worked on the others!) and i could not fit comfatably behind the wheel old sirion(I'm 6'4") Biggrin Me and my girlfriend have been everywhere in this little car and had only 1 fault with it in 12,000 miles, the engine runs faultlessly and the interior is better put toghether than the french, italian, british (and shock horror,german) competitors. sure it has its failings, like it does not like corners and the seats are not built for long jouneys but if you want a perfect car buy a roller! Blum 3

Now- 05 chrade 1.0 SL (my folks's)
Then- 04 yrv turbo / 98 coure + / 06 sirion 1.0 SE / 58 sirion 'se' sport the list grows . . . . .