Gallery changes

The photo gallery has been warming up quite nicely of late - Many thanks to all of you who have taken the time and trouble to send your photos in to us.

With all the hit it seems to get, it's become a victim of it's own success so, in view of this, we've decided to make a few changes, and I have now added some new albums dedicated to individual models, and now you can go direct to the type of vehicle you wish to view, and not have to wade through a mish-mash of various types.
So, in short, there are now 4 albums (initially) - For the F300 (Sporty/Feroza Derivatives), The Fourtrak/Rocky, Cars/commercials/concepts, and finally, something that is proving popular on other car sites which is a page for pics of modifications/work you are doing, or some some pics of a repair you're carrying out. This is particularly useful to others when youve done something like a HG or Cambelt swap so others know what to expect when they've started to strip stuff down.

So, get snapping and let's make this the largest collection of Daihatsu's on the net!

Finally, I would like to thank Lee Ellerton for his kind assistance in helping me configure all the new galleries up.