copy of grey key


Hello there,
I'm becoming increasingly desperate. I bought a used Charade with only one grey key. The dealer promised to send me the others but is yet to do so. Now this one key got damaged and will not start the engine. Have been on the phone and still no succes. One Daihatsu dealer in Essex told me I may have to spend over £1,400 to sort this mess out. Please, HELP.


Have you tried a scrap yard for a new barrel with keys? you never know......




a replacement set of keys won

a replacement set of keys won't work - the transponder inside them wont disable the immobiliser circuit and it still wont start!!!!!
Find a local auto locksmith who will reprogramme your car and supply new keys - about £100 - £150 but worth it in the long run!
If you are totally stuck give these guys a call - they might be able to help: SAS - 01325353798


Dear Guido 2002, see my comment on forum 28 weeks ago, about the trouble I had with Grand Move keys. I too was told £1400, but ended up getting 3 for £130. (Stiil expensive, OUCH!). Your problem may be more severe, since your key doesn't work, but Proven Motors got me a new black key, and a grey key, and I ended up with one master and two slaves. Good luck, Dave Fisher.