4 wheel drive


Hi there
I dont want to sound like a thicko but I have recently bought a 1989 F75 2.8td Fourtrak. I havent been brave enough to go off road yet because I dont really understand the hub system. Does anyone know if I have automatic hubs or manual & do I actually have to do anything to them to use 4 wheel drive?


manual hubs have a revolving switch in the middle of them and writing saying locked and unlocked, if they r you have to turn them to lock when you want 4wd hope thishelps mark


Thanks for that. Yes I think they have. So when I want to come out of 4 wheel drive I just unlock them & drive do I? Because I have read about having to reverse to disengage 4 wheel drive or is that just for automatic hubs?


yes i think its only the auto hubs you reverse with, when you go back to 2wd just unlock both hubs

Locked hubs

Got another question for you. I have checked my hubs & they are in the locked position. It has always been in 2 wheel drive. Are they supposed to be locked in 2wd or unlocked?

Hubs Locked/Unlocked

It is best to keep your hubs unlocked. When they are locked you are turning all the drive train in the axle which is using more fuel. If you unlock them they effectively free wheel (Free Wheeling Hubs) which will increase you fuel consumption.

Also, unlocking them saves were to your fron axle.