Fourtrak Snorkel..


basically.....who makes them, what do they cost...
and of there a cheaper alternative? Blum 3

F78. 2.8TD Wink


snorkels, Can you get thes


Can you get these from the UK?

I feel i have trawled every web site on the tinternet to no avail!

Regards Rob

AFAIK, no one makes an off th

AFAIK, no one makes an off the shelf snorkle for any Daihatsus. However, I seem to remember reading an ad in an old (10=12 years ago) 4wd mag about a snorkle for one. It was an Oz mag.

I know some people had modded others to fit. I think the MK patrol one sort of fits. Easiest way is to fab up one yourself. Exhaust tubing works well.


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any body have any luck

hi guys, thanks for the help!

hi guys, thanks for the help! havent been on in aaaaaaaaaaaages! (allsorts goin on..!)

anyway, yer! project rotbox is back on! i`m gunna have a sniff round and see what i can find.. bit reluctant to start hacking chunks ourt of the wing, but hey.. ony way out! will post pics/info as and when

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landrover 90/300tdi/110 works almost 100% go here you can get them for bout 59 pound to 79 pound and fit almost perfectly

(Fourtrak kit temporarily

(Fourtrak kit temporarily out of stock - new stock coming soon)

been saying that for 12 months to my knowledge

make it

By leaving in the air box just get a bi metal hole saw cutter any siz e between 68 and 70mm cut through the wing, then use guttering (drainage pipe) cos it is exactly the same diameter as the hole coming of the air box, its not difficult, you can get a proper top for it from anywhere and hey presto plenty of sealant later you have a working snorkel at the cost of a tenner or so..... you will not find snorkels for fourtraks, the closest i can get you is Daves (dogsboss)company - i know he was looking into stainless steel snorkels or something or the other alternative is i believe the hilux versions are a similar shape /angle to the 4trak but how you fix to the airbox through the wing is down to you, with mine i have got another airbox cut of the inlet and moved - rewelded it to the wing side and plated up the hole, this alows you to go straight through the wing instead of fighting the turbo heat problem, hope this helps.

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Stainless Snorkels.

thanks for the plug once again Neil, I eventually came to a dead end with the company that were going to bend me up the stainless snorkels, mainly due to ever increasing minimum orders and the ridiculous rise in steel prices during the middle of the year. Basicaly minimum orders ended up having to be 40 units, 20 for each model, Sportrak and Fourtrak and retail would have ended up near £200 so I didn't bother. I haven't given up however and have a meeting with a silicon hose manufacturer on tuesday with regard to having some bespoke tubes made up so that I can produce a component unit with either stainless or mild steel tubes with quality silicin conections which will fit either model by changing an individual part or two from the kit. I'll keep you up to date as soon as I have more news.
Best regards and thanks to everyone who has bought my stuff up to now,