Turbo to f70


Does anyone know for a fact is the f70 diesel (2,8litre) the same as the f75 diesel (2,8) with turbo? i'm thinking about charging my f70 after i change all the bearings etc. (have a few km/miles behind Wink ) so will it be as easy as installing the f75 turbo into my rocky or will i need to do more modifications.. has anyone done this?? thanks

Yes, they are the same motor

Yes, they are the same motor basically. It will bolt straight in, mounts, bellhousing, clutch, everything major is the same. Minor things like air intake needs to be adapted. You can even intercool the motor easily, as I have done.
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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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Insidental point. The F70 is

Insidental point. The F70 is the short wheel base Deisle, and the F75 is the long wheel base deisle. It makes no diffrance to the F number wether the 2.8 is terbo'd or not.
As for putting a turbo onto a previously non turbo'd engine, the only thing that I'm not sure would work is this. Is it possible to make the fule pump provide more fuel when the terbo kickes in? If not, having more air ramed into her will make no diffrance to performance.

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