I had a look at the web today and found some pics of a mitsubishi pajero (the short one from around 1986-89) it looked like some of the parts from it could fit my feroza, anybody that knows about "carry over parts" between the jap four by fours ??

Tyres may fit. You'll probabl

Tyres may fit. You'll probably find that some of the fuses and spark plugs do, too.

Otherwise they are two different models from two different manufacturers.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Pretty much repeating what Da

Pretty much repeating what Dave said. Pretty much the only parts that'll be hot swappable are the Wheels, fuses, and a couple of light bulbs. Apart from that they are completely different vehicles from different Manufacturers.

Especially considering Mitsubishi as most parts on a MK2 2.5TD Pajero aren't suitable for a MK2 2.8TD Pajero. However if you discover bits of Paj which will work with a Sporty then let us know as may come in handy for other people to know.


about toyota

Well i guess you guys are right, but what about toyota landcruiser someone told me that daihatsu was built at the toyota factory anything truth about that?

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