four wheel drive problem


Can anyone help?
I have a 93 TDX which goes in & out of 4 wheel drive Ok (button on dashboard spec)but a 'ticking'noise which sounds like it is coming from the drivers side wheel remains. The only way to stop this has been to reverse as fast as possible down a long straight road not for the 10ft as recommended but for about half a mile which is very boring! However even this doesnt work now. Is there anything in the hub (like there used to be for free wheeling hubs that you used to turn manually) that may be getting stuck Unknw
My mechanic seems to think I am a lunatic but I am slightly hindered by not knowing what I am talking about !

A ticking noise could be a CV

A ticking noise could be a CV joint. Does it only happen when cornering? As for the hub getting stuck, you can test your theiry. I'm asuming from the age that your trak is an Independent, with the big wheel arches and coil springs at the rear? If so, while you think the hub is stuck, jack up the offending wheel. Then turn it with someone looking at the drive shaft to that wheel from underneeth. If the shaft turnes as well, the hub is not released.

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