head bolts,use new or old???


i found a site that sells every thing parts wise for diahatsu,s
gave them a call as i needed a head gasket price was £80+
i asked about the head bolts.he said we dont do them and doesnt get asked for them people just use the old ones theyll be ok he said????
i rang several places in the end
none of them did the head bolts.
got a head gasket localy in the end for £88 and still no head bolts.
sorry for the rant but can you get away with the old bolts.....
i was always led to beleive they stretched...opinions welcome


what do you get in a whole set mate and where did you get it from?cheers daz

all the gaskets you need basi

all the gaskets you need basically. inlet, exhaust, manifold cam cover rubber. the lot!
I got it from a local motor factors, its an fai branded kit no hs911 (mines a F78)
for an earlier one its a hs910.
I havent got the number in front of me but I'm sure I can get you one and post it to you if thats any good.
Oh and get a timing belt too (£22) - well worth it.


pasltd i already paid for it today but wont get it till friday ,maybe i,ll get the other gaskets with it to but still thats a fair price difference did you use the old head bolts or new? no body seems to do them here and im terrified of main dealers;)


ahhh just got your pm cheers;)


I used the old ones (in the same order) I have looked in my service manual but can not find the tolerance on the bolts, I'm sure it is in here somewhere.......



head bolts


When I replaced the head gasket on our old Fourtrak I used the old bolts, the head is torqued down and the bolts are not 'stretch bolts'. I'm pretty sure the service manual tell you a 'max' length for the bolts so you can check them (I'm pretty sure I have some knocking around somewhere, if you have any that are too long I can measure mine)

I hate to tell you now but you were ripped off for the head gasket set.....try http://www.milneroffroad.com/MECH2.HTM (they are listed on this site under parts dealers) there set is £42 plus postage, but it will not be too much) they will post for next day.

Personally, if you have not used it, take it back...

Hope this helps