Fitting an Interior clock in a Sportrak


Ive just bought an M-reg Sportrak EXi, and it doesnt have the clock and the other 2 instruments in the centre of the dashboard, just the 3 blanked off holes. Does anyone know where these can be bought from, and if so what sort of cost are they and are they easily fitted by a novice?!

Whilst im at it, is there anything else i should know about Sportraks (hints/tips)?!

Thanks in advance!
Nathaniel Hale

You can get retro-fit LCD clo

You can get retro-fit LCD clocks from automotive stores, they just stick onto the dashboard and I think they take AA batteries, so you should have no problem with wiring, etc.

Clock for Sportrak

Depends if you want to keep it original. Personally I'd go for an analogue clock from a car accessory shop rather than the green LED thing originally fitted as IME it's unreadable in daylight Sad The existing supply wires should be findable behind the blank. That takes care of the left hole. The right hole should have a volt meter, again you can pay Daihatsu lots, the scrap dealer less or get a replacement from a parts shop. The wiring should be there for that too. Someone in here I think can supply copies of diagrams. The centre houses the tilt/g-meter. I have before expressed my opinion on this item in "the other place". If you must have one then it's big D or the scrappy but personally I'd not pay money for such a useless gimmick. Use the hole for something useful like a Vacuum guage or ammeter instead, or leave it blank.

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The "Clinometer" in the centr

The "Clinometer" in the centre is effectively an artificial horizon as found in aircraft - and quite a sensitive thing, too. surprising what it registers, even on the slight cant of our drive. It's a much use as a chocolate teapot for everyday use - I'd personally like an ammeter in it's place, or even better, an oil pressure gauge.

Anyhow, welcome to Sporty ownership. Had ours for 5 months almost now. Steering a bit vague for my liking, engine is to thrashy on a long run, and overtaking National Express coaches is a task, which, when completed, you start wondering if your pension arrangements will still be adequate. Fuel consumption (Until I'd shoved a new air and fuel filter in, replaced plugs, rotor arm and dis. cap was bad enough to have actually have me groping around under the rear end looking for leaks. But I love it's character, abilities and the fact it's so damnably easy to work on and the running costs are almost the same as the car that preceded it (VeeDub Polo 1.0). In fact the cost of spares are much less (£75 for a Polo wiper column stalk, anyone?)
Enjoy It!

Dave with a Sporty

Fitting a clock.

Try around a few scrapyards. Finding one with a Sportrak might be hard, but you might be lucky enough to find one with the analogue clock and the other 2 instruments. Should definately have the analogue clock though as I saw the digital version in a Sportrak and it just looks wrong! Smiling


Interior Clocks

You can buy them from Graham Dewhurst Daihatsu Spares in Darwen,Lancs for £60 +VAT + postage. Phone number is 01254 772204. I bought a set a few weeks ago, they arrived very quickly and are so easy to fit even I could do it. There's a guide on how to fit them in the Sportrak section of the old website.

Dash instriments

You should find the original wiring in the dash for the 3 gauges, as previously stated. I had the Voltmetre, Digital Clock, and Inclinometre in my dash, but the inclinometre shit itself, so, using the mount from the inclinometre, I fitted an oil pressure gauge to this spot. Much more use, as the only time an inclinometre is of use is when your on an angle, and then you are usually concentrating on the track, rather than looking at gauges.
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Oil pressure gauge??? Tell me

Oil pressure gauge??? Tell me more!....Where from, electric or direct feed, a kit or did you just build it all up yourself and matched the unions?

Clinometer on Ebay if this works out.........

Dave with a Sporty


I personally find it handy when cornering at times. Well especially driving to Leicester anyway as have to switch 4 motorways and 3 have junctions which go almost 360 so going 50-60 does cause a v scary angle Smiling. What use is a oil pressure gauge? I honestly not know.

N-Reg Daihatsu Sportrak Midnight. A-Bar, K&N, more to follow!


Lurch says.. >IMHO A

Lurch says.. What use is a oil pressure gauge? I honestly not know

IMHO A lot more useful than a clineometer in assessing the state of the the engine! Generally in the past, I have been able to attack problems with worn engines indicating low pressure (or flog the car) before they go pop, generally with a bit more expense involved by that stage. By the time the light comes on, it's almost always too late.

Dave with a Sporty