making an F reg 4 trak look 'snazzy'


Hi guys,

I have just bought my very first four wheel drive (I turned 25 last week and can now get insurance.)
I bought an F reg Four trak and am hoping to rebuild it. Its only done 33,000 miles as it has been used on a farm. I don't suppose you happen to know where i can get a new drivers door from, mine has rotted away. Also how can I get those huge wheels on it, do i need some sort of extension kit? HelpScratch one-s head


you can go silly with one! V

you can go silly with one!
Valley 4x4 should be able to help you out with a door
What sort of sized wheels are you wanting to put on it? 15" Unknw 16" bigger? wider?
there are a surprising mount of different makes that fit. I have some lada ones with chunky tyres that will fit for instance