Hi-Jet Insurance and rusty roof.


I've never regretted buying my '99 Hi-jet Van; she's served us well as a company go-fetch, weekend camper, furniture mover, booze cruise wine wagon, refuse disposal truck etc etc. However, now I've retired, the insurance I pay seems a lot for the amount of times I use (or abuse) her. £250 for a retired guy and partner (named), 8 years no claims, van probably now worth £2,000 (40k miles) when we only do 4,000 miles or less a year nowadays, none of which is for business. It seems most car insurance companies don't want to know about vans, and those that do see them as high mileage Sprinters and charge accordingly. Does anyone please know of an "in-between" outfit that would be a bit more understanding and reasonable? Also, she's developed a bad case of "flaking roof" where paint is peeling off in several areas down to the primer and beyond, now turning into unsightly patches of light rust. If I were to get the roof section sanded and resprayed, how do I know it won't happen again? Advice please anyone!