sportrak parts


hello and greetings everyone, i am fairly new to this website as i have only just bought a sportrak two weeks ago. i got the car for 100 quid knowing it needed alot of work, which as a mechanic isnt a great problem, but... the price and rareity of parts has had me tearing my hair out.

my reason for this posting is this, in the short time i have had the car i have found that alot of the parts are the same as for other daihatsu cars and other jap cars, but i have only found this out in bits and pieces, wouldnt it be nice to compile a list of alternate parts that fit and put them all in one place ie this web site. i am sure with the combined knowledge and experience of all you out there this would be possible, and result in a handy guide to help us all save money and reduce the expense of owning these cars.
a few examples of parts are,
ht leads for a micra 16v are as near as damn it the same, daihatsu charade engine is basically the same, front disks and pads are same as early fourtrak, pretty sure the carb is about the same as 1600 suzuki, these are but a few samples that can help save time and money in the search for parts.
ps i think this is an exellent web site and is the best help i have had since buying my car, keep up the good work