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I'm pondering on either getting a Sportrack within the next year or so (when my insurance goes that little lower). But one of the only things that is making me doubt over the purchase is whether there is enough luggage space for when I pick up my 2 kids (usually once a month for a weekend and the odd week) & all their gear. Or would I be better off going for a fourtrack?

Any & all advice gratefully recieved.


Re: Sportrack luggage space??

Hi Gogs,

It depends how much stuff the kids have! With both back seats down they hold a suprising amount of stuff, but not much with the seats in place! If there's only you and your 2 kids then you can fold one of the rear seats down which would probably be enough for a weeks luggage for 2 kids. You'd probably only have a problem if they used suitcases!

Having said that, the Fourtrak has a lot more room, but its a completely different type of car really (heavy, diesel workhorse 4trak, compared with a fun, nippy petrol sportrak).

Nat (Sportrak driver)

They are better than you'd th

They are better than you'd think - don't forget the height factor. If you want a truly woeful example of use (Or not) of space, look at a Vitara.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Thanks for the replies so far

Thanks for the replies so far. Looking over this site I've just noticed something that you lovely folks could probably clarify for me.

I've seen soft top Sportracks & hard top ones as well, but is the hard top removable on them (& is it easy/quick to do)? My missus likes the idea of having the roof down but can't stand the noise a soft top makes when it's up. So having a removable hard top would be ideal. And I don't suppose you can do the same for a fourtack?

Thanks again


Going Topless!!!

I think all Sportraks were hard tops as standard, and yes, the back does come off, and the sunroof lifts out. Takes me about 20 mins to take it all off now ive done it a couple of times. (click on "the vehicles" link on the top of this page, then "Sportrak", then "Tips & Tricks" and you'll see an article on how its removed.) Theres a picture of mine with the roof off on the 1st page of Sportrak photos on this site.

Some Sportraks have been fitted with soft-tops, there are a couple of companies that still make them to replace the hard top. (there are loads of previous postings on this site from a couple of months ago about them.)

One reason i choosed the sportrak over something like a vitara is because you've got the open-top motoring with the hard top comfort and security, not just one or the other. The only problem is you've got to leave the roof at home when its off because its all one piece.

As for 4traks, I think (im sure someone will correct me if im wrong!) all the later ones were hard tops (non removable, unless you've got an angle grinder and welder!!), but not sure about the older ones. I think some early ones were available as soft tops.

Hope that helps,

The LWB Fourtrak (Rocky) came

The LWB Fourtrak (Rocky) came with a removable rear roof, and sunroof. The rear roof takes a little longer than 20 min to remove, but at least comes off in 3 major parts. Unfortunately, the rear door is one piece, so therefore, you either have to remove it too, or drive round with the rear window and frame sticking stupidly up in the air. Alternatively, as I have done, you get a spare rear door, modify it to suit the rear with the top removed, and swap it when the top is off. As for space, heaps more than a Sportrak (Feroza). As for Fourtraks being heavy, slow diesels, get one with an intercooled turbo, then lift it and lock it. Beat any Sportrak anytime.
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hi gogs, you've got to hav

hi gogs,

you've got to have a sporty! As you havent got to lugg your kids about every day i think the sporty is definatly what you need. there is enough room for every day life and when i go on a days shooting i can get the guns and the dogs and all the clobber that goes with them in with plenty of room to spare. They are also an excelent size for parking in busy places, and you can just about squeese into multi storey car parks! as for removing the roof i1ve not actually taken mine off yet, but many people have told me that its easy.
one word of advise though, try to go for the elxi model with the extra's, and to make a big improvement to the looks, fit a bull bar and spots