hairline crack...

Forum: it possible to weld a hair line crack in the exhaust manifold (1989 Daihatsu Charade)?

Its possible, but, assuming i

Its possible, but, assuming it is cast iron, it requires specialised welding equipment. The manifold has to be preheated to near the temp of the welding, and special rods for welding cast iron have to be used.
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Grind a shallow v into the crack and use a mig welder on low heat.

hi, if the crack is on the to

hi, if the crack is on the top of the manifold and it is easy to get at (i am not familiar with your model) then the best way to warm it before welding is to run the engine till it is at full operating temp, and then do the welding. remembering of course to disconnect the battery if you are using electric welding ie mig or arc.
if you are going to use gas welding (oxy acetelene) i can highly reccomend some rods i have used before called "dissimular" rods, they are normally used to weld dissimular metals eg different grades of steel, but they weld cast up a treat ( i have used these to weld engine blocks that have split with ease) the only down side to them is that they are expensive and like rockinghorse shit to get. i would reccomend looking in the yellow pages for welding supplies.
if you are going to use an arc welder with cast rods, then warm up the rods first aswell (i stick them in the oven in the house for ten mins) but with these rods be vary carefull cos they spit molten metal 10 times worse than normal rods. also especially with the arc welding and to a fair extent the other types, try and do the welding out of wind and draughts as this can make the manifold cool down too quick on one side and make it crack worse.

hope this helps, steve

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