any one help


have just had all new springs fitted on me f75 the problem is that when i get to around 40-50 it starts to vibrate. ive just had a bearing done at the same time but it a different vibration it dosent just come from the front but from the whole truck back and front. could this be because of the stiffer springs with poly bushes and will it settle down in a week or so or is it somting eles. was going to give it the weekend then go back to the garage but thought id ask here first so i dont look a prat when i go back to the garage for him to tell me it'll settle down soon.


F75 problem

check you havent got your free wheel hubs into lock position rather than the unlock position.! If that fails check your u-j joints in propshaft

F75 Problem

had this problem with mine, but is easy to fix just need to replace the U J, on the rear prop shaft.

Did the new srings include so

Did the new srings include some lift? If so, it may have changed the driveshaft angle. This can lead to harmonic vibrations at certain speeds.
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