Alloy Wheel Corrosion


Hi. The alloy wheels on my Independent TDX are corroding badly with pitting eating deeply into the structure of the wheels. Any ideas what to do?


if the pits are deep like mine you1`ve had it, no amount of polishing will remove the alloy deep enough - its because they were laquered from new and any stone chips concentrate the pitting locally (better not to have laquer on at all) - only thing you can do is have them refurbished for around £40 / wheel or alternative take the wheel off, degrease, wet & dry down, mask and spray with good silver paint - they come up quite well and there`s no need to remove the tyres

if spraying the wheels

there is a spray paint called plasticote chrome its for spraying radiators this is excellent for alloy wheels as it is an enamel finish and looks great when done right it took me two tries the wheels are back in showroom condition again.:-)

Alloy Wheel Corrosion


No doubt there will be someone local to you who will sandblast & powder coat them for you. It think it costs £25 - £40 per wheel and they will look absolutely like brand new and should look just as good indefinitely. I'm havin' mine done shortly. Ask At your local ATS as they'll have removed / refitted tyres for people having this done so they may know