1998 Grand move timing belt


My 1998 1500cc Grand Move, which I have had for a year, has done 70-odd thousand miles, and probably has the original timing belt. I cannot find a workshop manual for less than £100, and therefore am a bit stuck for info about the correct tension for the new belt, and any other relevant tips. I'd be very grateful if anyone can advise. Thanks, Dave Fisher.

Your timing belt

Hi Dave,

I also have a Grand Move+ 1.6L , 80,000 Miles. I have noticed that it is difficult for the layman to find any decent information about servicing, parts etc. and wonder whether you were able to resolve your timing belt query and if so, could you share this with us.

Maybe we could build up a repository of such information for others to benefit from.

I had my timinhg belt replaced at a friendly and competent garage near Saltash in Cornwall, DB Autos.

I think that it was their first Grand Move and I know that they found it a little frustrating to work on due to access to the areas necessary, but they took it in their stride.