I'm new !!!


I have just bought a fourtrak, its a J reg Rocky and its in serious need of tlc. The floor has more holes than metal but the chasis is sound. Just cant wait to get it fixed ! I was wondering if any of you knew any parts dealers around the Notts area.

fourtrak spares near notts

hi, yes there`s one near notts (well mansfield )
01629 540220 or 07971 069113

don`t ask me if there any good cause i haven`t used them yet. . only had my fourtrak 2 days !!! and hopefully i will not need them for a while Wink

anyway hope this helps xxx

p.s. if you know where there`s any decent men, send them my way !!!! lol

Fourtrak spares near Notts

Thanks for that Mansfield is just down the road from me.
I take it your fourtrak is a horsey vehicle too !!!

yes !!!! what gave it away ??

yes !!!! what gave it away ???? Smile lol

p.s. if you know where there`s any decent men, send them my way !!!! lol

Oh let me think .....

Could have had something to do with your name !!!!

I'll give the place a ring tomorrow hopefully they have what I need, thanks again !!

Fourtrak parts

If the place in Mansfield doesn't have what you want, you mught want to try Atkinson Automotive, you'll find his number on the site somewhere, he's in Oakamoor, nr Alton Towers. He breaks fourtraks for spares, so usually has at least one of everything.

Good luck

Fourtrak parts

Cheers for that Snappo,I'll have a search for the number.


Thanks Trackexp for the link. The more contacts the better - you just never know when youre going to need them !!