Replacing windscreen in Sportrak


Does anybody have experience of replacing the windscreen in a Sportrak? I am aware of the piece of string trick and expected to remove old glass and install the screen while the rubber gasket remained in the car. However, a colleague suggests removing the rubber gasket from the car and fitting that to the windscreen first, out of the car, and then refitting the gasket complete with screen to the body frame afterwards. Any thoughts?

Windscreen replacement

I roped a screen into a fourtrak with a mate of mine - if you know what you're doing it's relatively easy, but if it's your first time, it's definitely not!! You need the rubber out, and fit that onto the glass first, then loop the rope all the way round, leaving 15 cm or so at each end to give you something to grab hold of. Then you just lean the screen into place, one of you has to kneel on the bonnet and apply the pressure whilst the other one pulls one end of the rope slowly out of the gasket all the way round. Sounds pretty straightforward, but you need to know what you're up to. I had a screen replaced on my own fourtrak by auto windscreens, and he did it on his own, again using the rope trick, but he did it for a living, so fair enough. Best advice is find some help from someone who's done it at least once before!!

Agreed. Its not that hard a j

Agreed. Its not that hard a job. The rubber around the screen, then electrical wire works too. Use dishwashing liquid as a lubricant around the rubber. Have the ends of the wire, or rope at the bottom of the screen. Put this edge in place first, with the wires on the inside of the car. Pull gently, especially around the corners. It is easier with a mate. Go slowly, you can always take it out if you muck it up part way through and start again. The F series Fourtrak/Rocky/Rugger does not have any sealant around the glass or rubber. They rely on a tolerance fit.


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